Many corporate executives are unaware of the software licensing compliance issues that may exist in their IT environment and the associated risk. Rarely, if ever, is a true licensing assessment undertaken until an audit is underway; yet that is the worst time to find out about issues.

A unique array of services designed to help you reduce compliance risks and save money, often in preparation for and through the annual renewal process.  Examples could include increased use of strategic products, right-sizing software footprints, and anticipating potential licensing gaps associated with planned upgrades and changes in your IT environment. 

Receiving an official software licensing audit notification is inevitable for most companies. Some of our larger clients have gone through two or three software licensing audits simultaneously. The Canyon Consulting Audit Defense offering is designed to support you and your team through the software compliance process and achieve exceptional results for your company.

Canyon will assist you in implementing strategies and processes to improve license consumption and support a constantly evolving environment.  A combination of good SAM tools and processes, focused employees, and consulting expertise creates a strong foundation for success.

Canyon Consulting provides expert services related to the installation and use of the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT), IBM's free tool to extract software data usage.  Canyon will optimize ILMT operations and reporting in your IT environment to ensure reports accurately reflect your deployment and usage.  

Services are performed under a fixed contract that provides your company with a very cost-effective approach to controlling your licensing and running ILMT.  These services are designed to address software licensing compliance, optimization and remediation for potential issues, and continuing ILMT support.  

This service is designed to support you with specific software compliance problems that have emerged or issues that may become significant as you consider changes to your IT environment or company, e.g., migration to Cloud, changes to on-premise infrastructure involving hardware and/or software, and corporate merger or acquisitions.

Canyon offers a full range of operational services for the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT). It is important to have accurate ongoing reports of your license deployment and usage available to compare to your licensing entitlements.  This is a key factor in staying compliant.