About Us

Canyon Consulting is an innovative consulting firm specializing in software licensing compliance. We offer effective proprietary methodologies in pre-audit licensing assessment & optimization, audit response & defense, and post-audit services. Canyon has performed complex audit engagements for clients in every major industry. We have dramatically reduced our clients’ risk resulting in aggregate savings of over $1.5B.

As former auditors and IT sales professionals for IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft, our team of professionals brings decades of expertise and thought leadership to the assessment, negotiation, and resolution of complex issues around software compliance.

You have invested in software solutions to increase productivity and achieve business objectives.  It is counterproductive for your firm to need to become a licensing expert or software contract specialist to stay compliant with your software agreements.

Canyon will support you and your company with an exceptional level of service and return on investment. We look forward to hearing from you to learn more about your needs and concerns.

US-based consulting firm with 3 focus areas:
  • Pre-audit, proactive software assessments
  • Audit response & defense
  • License optimization & cost savings
Risk Advisory Services Only:
  • NOT a reseller of software, hardware, or tools
  • No relationship with IBM or any other publisher
Delivering Licensing Expertise for Customers:
  • Hundreds of successfully completed licensing engagements
  • 1.5B+ saved
  • Clients in every major industry