Our Work

Project-Based Expertise

Canyon's project-based knowledge and experience have produced our deep repository of licensing strategies and software product know-how.  We use this knowledge base to strengthen our clients' in-house teams and produce results. Our expertise comes from years of doing assessments and implementing remediation strategies; having a deep understanding of publisher T&Cs, audit approaches, tactics, and findings; defending clients in audits; and negotiating settlements.

Following are several examples of recent Canyon projects (Please note that we are limited in what we report about engagements because of NDA agreements under which we typically operate and our commitment to protect the privacy of our clients).

Proactive License Assessment

Global Medical Device Manufacturer

Assessed client’s deployment of licensing compared to publisher T&Cs. Identified $22.3M in potential compliance issues, explained relevant T&Cs to management, and provided remediation strategies and actions. Managed all remediation activities. Official publisher audit took place thereafter, and client was found to be fully compliant.

National Insurance Provider

Publisher's annual assessments of client’s compliance with T&Cs identified $2.5M - $3.5M in non-compliance annually. Virtualization was one of the biggest drivers of non-compliance.

Generated and managed all remediation activities to ensure compliance.

Audit Response & Defense

Top Global Hotel Chain

Led client defense and negotiation after receipt of publisher audit findings.

Provided alternative positions to the assessment, including substituting lower cost non-production licensing to fill gaps, utilizing publisher bundling rules that had been omitted, implementing tools supporting software usage in virtual environments, and highlighting T&Cs in publisher outsource agreements that had been incorrectly applied.

Reduced proposed settlement amount by over 85%.

National Financial Services Firm

Generated alternative response to publisher findings working with outside counsel.

Documented errors in auditors' calculations, developed different opinion on product usage based on publishers' own licensing T&Cs, documented administrative mistakes in publisher record-keeping on license entitlements, and implemented tools to support client's use of products in virtual environments.

Reduced proposed settlement findings by 71%.

Number of Licensing Assessment Projects

Total Amount Identified in Proactive Risk Assessments and Audit Defense Projects

68% - 91%
Percentage Reduction from Initial Settlement Amounts