Canyon Consulting is a premier provider of software licensing compliance services.  Our clients consistently acknowledge us for delivering exceptional value in identifying and minimizing potential compliance risks, reducing costs dramatically in formal software compliance audits, and keeping their companies compliant over time.

Canyon's reputation was built on demonstrating unparalled expertise and experience with IBM software issues and ILMT services; and we are proud to to have developed a practice that offers the same level of excellence in all our client work. We do not sell any software or hardware.  Our sole interest is in providing clients with expert compliance services.

Please contact us to share your concerns and explore how we can help you reduce business and financial risk and/or support you in generating the best results possible in an audit that is already in process.

How Canyon Consulting Works for You

Designed to assist clients in identifying licensing gaps, planning for remediation, and lowering costs. Companies need to be pro-active in preparing their software licensing to manage the business risk of non-compliance.

Implements our unique process to reduce costs, complexity, and risk--often through the renewal process; and increase strategic use of existing products to support savings and clients' business objectives.

Assists organizations in development and implementation of processes, procedures, and strategies to improve license consumption as well as support a constantly evolving environment.

An audit can be very costly in terms of time, resources, and financial impact. Canyon assists in development of the audit response, gets to the bottom of what is really noncompliant, and develops counterarguments to defend your position against auditor findings.

If IBM software is deployed in virtualized environments, the installation and use of ILMT is a contractually mandated tool for sub-capacity pricing. We provide all aspects of ILMT deployment including planning, installing, configuring, and upgrading the tool.

There is minimal "business" value in running ILMT, so many companies outsource ongoing operations. We provide all services to keep ILMT current, running, and reporting as required by IBM.

Support adherence to plans for licensing optimization and cost reduction, periodically checking for increased operational efficiencies, lower licensing costs, improvements for effective license management, and identification and financial awareness of potential license gaps.

Publishers are constantly changing their licensing agreements, acquiring software companies, changing bundles and deployment options; however, these subtle changes are often overlooked. Canyon Consulting will keep your business informed to help you stay ahead of the curve.

The Challenge for IT Executives

Today, every major software publisher has a thriving licensing audit practice on which they depend for significant revenue. ITAM believes IBM is making 25-28% of its software revenue through compliance reviews, which means $6.0-6.5 billion per year of very profitable income. Major software publishers hire expert teams from firms like Deloitte and KPMG or use seasoned internal auditors who do audits on a daily basis.
You need to level the playing field by adding at least the same level of expertise to your bench; and hiring the most talented people out there will help you gain the advantage.

Corporate Risk Management Concerns

Corporate risk management is a priority whether hundreds of thousands or tens of millions of unbudgeted dollars may be at risk.
As part of a comprehensive risk governance plan, no client should undertake an official licensing audit without an in-depth, working knowledge of what is owned, what is installed, the vendor's terms and conditions, and the degree of fiscal risk related to licensing gaps.
There are many types of ongoing changes that can put a company out of compliance, including modifications to terms and conditions (often without any customer signature or acknowledgment needed), the wording of renewal agreements, new added features, different bundling, changes to product names, and changes in metrics. More often than not, these changes go unnoticed and are not relevant until an official publisher compliance review. This is often too late. Unsurprisingly, contract language typically favors the software publisher; and the ability of the client to negotiate has been reduced.

Canyon is here to help you

If you have already received an audit letter, we are ready to discuss your options and guide you and your team through each phase of the audit process to a successful conclusion.  Our reputation has been built on producing exceptional results for our clients. 
We can also support you in reviewing your contractual entitlements and product usage proactively to identify and help remediate any existing compliance challenges. 
Before or after an audit, ongoing due diligence regarding changing T & Cs, maximizing tool effectiveness, and optimizing your use of licensing to support current and future business objectives are also key to generating cost savings and maintaining compliance.  

Please reach out to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your questions and explore how we might work together.